Everything you should know about concrete hardener

September 16,2021




What is concrete hardener? And how does it work?


The concrete hardener is a kind of liquid concrete, which has the characteristics of sealing, dustproof, abrasion resistance, colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-combustible. Through effective soaking, it chemically reacts with the chemical components in the concrete to form a network structure in the three-dimensional space, so that the various components in the concrete are solidified into a solid entity, and then a dust-free, dense surface is obtained, which further improves the strength and density. And abrasion resistance.


What are the main ingredients of the concrete hardener?


The main component of the concrete hardener is an alkaline silicic acid compound, and the actual preparation will add related chemical actives and complexes and other substances to jointly develop.


The benefits of using concrete hardener:


  • Improve ground hardness and wear resistance;


  • Improve ground pressure resistance and flexural resistance;


  • Dust-proof, effectively solve the problem of sand and dust on the ground;


  • Anti-seepage, effectively preventing water, oil and other substances from penetrating into the ground;


  • Improve the glossiness of the ground, which can be used to refurbish the old ground.


Shortcomings of using concrete curing hardener:


  • Color: Because the product is water-based, colorless and transparent, generally only the original color of cement can be selected. There are two methods for curing the floor to make a colorful effect: one is to use concrete staining agent to color; the other is to treat the original ground, and first make it into a terrazzo ground


  • Because the product only has an effect when it is completely saturated, there is no corrective effect when it is used on old concrete. The more obvious damage can only be repaired with gray epoxy mortar.


How to use concrete hardener?


Clean the ground → material ratio → spray material → permeate polishing → secondary spreading → preliminary polishing → full polishing. For detailed content, please look up some references, or contact us at any time.


How to determine the amount of concrete hardener?


Under normal circumstances, the amount of concrete hardener used per square meter is about 0.3kg, and most brands of cement curing agent have no obvious gap in this value.


Is concrete hardener environmentally friendly?


Concrete hardener is an inorganic floor material. Compared with organic epoxy floor, its environmental protection coefficient will be higher. It is an environmentally friendly building material that is non-toxic to human body and non-polluting to the environment. It meets the national VOC standard, so it can be used for home decorations.


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