How To Maintain Your Floor Polishing Machines' Battery?

January 07,2022

Nowadays, it is more convenient to keep the floor of a large area clean such as the factories with an industrial floor polishing washing machine. It is a multiple functions washing machine with huge mop, bringing great convenience for companies and factories. However, what if the industrial floor polishing washing machine suddenly runs out of electricity halfway? Battery as the heart of industrial washing machine can not be neglected, so how to keep the battery of industrial floor polishing washing machine in good condition?


988 Polishing concrete grinder


👉Keep the battery of industrial floor polishing washing machinefully charged


After using the machine every day, no matter how long it works, it should be fully charged, so that the battery is in a "full state" for a long time. Keep in mind that it should be charged in time on the same day, instead of recharging it after several days, which is prone to plate intensification and capacity decline.


👉Discharge it periodically


It is recommended to discharge a floor polishing machine deeply after two months of use. This is helpful to remove some polarization effects, restore the capacity of the battery, and make us know the current capacity level of the battery more accurately.


👉Keep the battery clean


Always keep the surface of the battery clean, and ban to be exposed to the sun.


👉Advantages of our product


We are a professional 988 Polishing concrete grinder manufacturer, offering a wide range of products with high quality. The following are advantages of our 988 Polishing concrete grinder machine.


  • Fast charging design, charging speed increases by 50%, and it can be fully charged in 3 hours


  • The service life is longer and more durable.


  • It can work normally under 10 degrees Celsius.


  • It is water-proof and boasts IP65 certification.


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