What materials and tools are needed for concrete curing agent floor construction?

April 28,2021

How to make the floor look flat as we see it now? You need the following materials and tools.


Curing floor grinder

buy curing floor grinder

buy curing floor grinder


Floor grinder is mainly used for ground grinding treatment. It can effectively perform concrete grinding, concrete grinding, curing floor polishing, epoxy floor polishing, old floor refurbishment, marble polishing, marble polishing, etc. The grinding disc at the bottom of the floor grinder can be equipped with alloy cutter heads and resin grinding discs.


Semi-driven floor grinding machine

Semi-driven floor grinding machine


Driven Floor Grinding Machinery

Driven Floor Grinding Machinery


Concrete sealing curing agent

The main material of the construction solidified floor, after it penetrates into the ground, can react with the cement composition of the ground to form a strong and dense hydrated calcium silicate substance, which then seals the hardened concrete structure, and continuously increases the hardness, wear resistance and compactness of the concrete Degree; after polishing treatment in the later stage, it can form a firm as steel, bright as a mirror effect. In actual operation, just add water according to the corresponding and spray evenly on the ground.


Floor polishing liquid

Also called "concrete polishing liquid", it is a brightening agent and polishing agent commonly used in curing floor engineering. Floor polishing liquid is used on the floor surface, which can quickly increase the brightness of the floor by 20-40 degrees, and improve the pores, mottling, white spots and color difference of the original floor surface, so that the surface gloss of the floor is consistent, and then achieve clear and bright effect. Floor polishing liquid should be used in the final stage of the project, and the water should be mixed according to the ratio of 1:3, sprayed evenly on the floor surface with a watering can, and then polished accordingly.


Vacuum cleaner

Different from household vacuum cleaners, the vacuum cleaners used in floor construction are industrial-grade appliances with high power and strong adsorption capacity, which can absorb heavy dust.


Grinding cutter head

The alloy cutter head has a strong level of mechanical strength. It is used to grind (roughly grind) the ground during floor construction, grind off the old surface of the original ground, and open the capillary pores on the concrete surface, which can increase the absorption of the concrete sealing curing agent material . Specifications include: 30#, 80#.


Diamond resin grinding disc

Also known as soft diamond abrasive pad, it is a flexible processing tool made of diamond as abrasive and combined with composite materials. It has strong grinding power, good durability, good softness, clarity and gloss. In floor construction, diamond resin polishing pads are mainly used to polish the floor. 


Water applicator

It is also called a water wiper, which is composed of a T-frame and an applicator wool cover. It is mainly used for pushing and spreading uniformly solidified materials in floor construction and can be replaced by a clean mop.



The more professional floor pusher has the characteristics of large effective area and stable operation efficiency. It can be used to push evenly curing agent, brightener, middle coat epoxy, and clean up mud, water and snow on the ground.


Black cleaning pad

Namely, the cleaning pad is a cleaning product used for cleaning, decontamination, waxing and other purposes. The black cleaning pad can be clearly distinguished from the white mortar to facilitate the judgment of whether the ground is clean or not.


White polishing pad

Use with floor polishing liquid.


Plastic film

It is mainly used to cover walls and immovable objects, and can be replaced by three-color paper.


The above are the materials and tools for your concrete curing agent floor construction.