What to do to pick an ideal floor grinder?

June 21,2021

Nowadays, there are more and more types of floor grinders on the market, I know it well that most of you must be bewildered on how to pick an ideal one for yourselves .In this following article you will get some information about driving type floor grinders.This may solve your problems.


Driving type floor grinder



How Does A  Planetary Grinder Function?

There is a large  disc that acts as a central point around which several small discs rotate at different speeds from the large disc. While the small ones  grind  the surface . The large disc is like the sun and the small ones are the planets circling the sun while also turning on their own axis.Planetary grinders are lighter , making them easier to operate. Their design method makes them work in a direct line across the floor , which renders flexibility and struggle for users.


How About Rotary Grinders ?


 Rotary grinders use geared construction. There is only one large disc that rotates and directly grind the floor. Rotary grinders are made for a heavy-duty, they have no belt and pulley used in planetary grinders. Thus it's heavier and able to realize greater rotational speed. They are harder to operate and require more proficiency of their users.




Concrete Grinding VS Polishing 

Hardened Floor Grinding Machine


Real concrete polishing is a much longer process designed to create a highly reflective surface area. This indicates utilizing pads with a finer grit variety incorporated with using a densifier and also finally a sealer. The densifier closes the pores in the concrete, which offers it a mirror coating.

 It takes much less time than a full gloss due to the fact that there are less actions. It still offers a smooth finish, however without the premium, building reflectiveness of fully-polished concrete.




What Is A Grinder Usually Applied For?



1)Smooth out high spots, scrapes, chips, bumps, swellings and so on


2)Prepare concrete pieces for new flooring and also paints.


3)Remove adhesives, coverings (eg old paint), membrane layers and so on



Driving type floor grinder




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